Glass fibre wallcoverings are designed never to look tired or dated thanks to the
features below they have a long durable life and continue to look like new.

Ready to use

The wallcovering is a finished, ready to use product
– no painting required.

Impact resistant

They are strong enough to withstand scrapes,
they are not damaged by chair backs
and they are durable to withstand
knocks from childrens toys.


They are washable and don't absorb
water so also ideal for
use in wet areas.

Perfect colour fast

The colours do not fade and
wallcoverings' look doesn’t
change over time.


Durable and breathable material that
is not affected by either water
or the sun, providing the
wallcoverings with unique features.

Repaintable and strippable

Wallcoverings can be repainted and easily stripped
without water and don't tear.

Fire resistant

They are fire resistant in accordance to Euroclass B-st1
classification based on class A1 or A2.

Breathe friendly

Class A+ refers to lowest emissions of volatile substances
and risk of inhalation of toxics.

Made of non-toxic material

Oeko-Tex 100 certification guarantees use
of substances not harmful to either
your health or environment.

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