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Application instructions

Glass fibre wallcoverings are carefully inspected before dispatch but still require inspection before being applied. In case of complaint, please post the label, sample of the defect and the details. Before application, make sure that the wall is clean (free of dust and grease) dry, smooth and compact. When applying the wallcoverings, temperature in the room must not be below 8°C.

Cut off a strip 5 or 10 cm longer than
the wall height.
Apply a sufficient layer of vinyl glue on the
wall with roller (200 g/m², +/- 10 %).
Apply the strip to the wall in the vertical
direction using a plumbline and smooth it
with a clean soft roller.
Apply another strip to the edge of the
previous one and check proper alignment.
Repeat steps 1, 2 and 3.
Trim excessive material with a knife.

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